A companion of mine had asked my musings on how one ought to approach reading the Bible. I would first read the New Testament in quite a while aggregate so as to keep in the “stream” of it. After that – I would then begin with the Old Testament – beginning from the earliest starting point. It’s long. I don’t have a clue the amount you can read at once.

However, there are a ton of beneficial things back in the Old Testament. I feel the New Testament is a disclosure of who Jesus Christ is and the Old Testament is a disclosure of who God the Father is. That is the reason Christians need to read the two books so as to understand who both God and Jesus truly are.

The Old Testament will truly give you a ton of information about God the Father, His ways and how He works. A ton of the “fight stanzas” – on how God will face conflicts for you – are generally back in the Old Testament.

The Old Testament will give you significant understanding into God’s character – what He is truly similar to and how He has responded to a wide scope of circumstances including His picked individuals, the Jews. After you read the Old Testament completely – particularly on the off chance that you read it without severing into something different in order to keep the “stream” going – you will truly get a comprehension about who God the Father is and take a few to get back some composure on what He is truly similar to.

This is the manner by which you truly become more acquainted with God the Father – by gaining from what He has done before! Also, this is actually what the Old Testament provides for you.

There isn’t another book on this planet that will give you disclosure, understanding and information about who God the Father resembles the Old Testament will! It is the main book that we have that will give you definite Bible quotes from God the Father. These quotes are immediate words from God the Father. From these quotes – you get understanding and information into what His character is truly similar to.

It’s clearly the equivalent with Jesus in the New Testament. At the point when you read everything Jesus has by and by said to each one of the people around Him – you will truly become more acquainted with Him. Same path with God the Father in the Old Testament.

On the off chance that you can get the two books added to your repertoire – you will have ingrained the Bible fundamentals underneath you. It will give you a base, a stage where God can keep on building your insight about Himself, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. You will likewise consistently keep on studying them three in your very own excursion with Them.

It resembles a one-two punch:

  1. Knowledge about God you get from reading the Bible.
  2. Knowledge about God that you get from what you realize in your very own undertakings and excursion with Him.

However, the book is long and most Christians won’t set aside the effort to read every last bit of it. They will read just pieces and bits of it at once. That is superior to nothing by any stretch of the imagination – except for you just get “incomplete” disclosure about who God the Father is, the point at which you just feed off of it in little lumps one after another.